Reclaiming the Feminist Movement

In a recent interview, pop performer Lady Gaga stated, "I'm not a feminist - I, I hail men, I love men. I celebrate American male culture, and beer, and bars and muscle cars..." This was after saying that she loves the gay community because they love "sexual, strong women who speak their mind," and immediately prefaced by "You see, if I was a guy, and I was sitting here with a cigarette in my hand, grabbing my crotch and talking about how I make music 'cause I love fast cars and fucking girls, you'd call me a rock star. But when I do it in my music and in my videos, because I'm a female, because I make pop music, you're judgmental, and you say that it is distracting. I'm just a rock star."

Sounds like feminist speak to me, Ms. Gaga. But, in the true spirit of someone unaware or ignorant about the movement, you decide to perpetuate the stigma of the man-hating, bra-burning feminist.

So, to clarify to all of you women, who like Gaga feel that you can't love men and treasure your own equality, you're wrong. It's more than possible and pertinent that women are also hailed and given the same regard as men. Our patriarchal society still proves to be sexist, be it through workplace discrimination, the consistent over-sexing of women or the fact that many schools still fail to encourage girls to excel in mathematics and science fields.

Actually ladies, men can also be exceptionally pro-feminist. For example, I hail Kevin Powell for being very vocal about the contemporary feminist movement and its importance.

Feminism should not be looked upon as an ugly word, though I've noticed that among my age group, the theory is becoming taboo. In a sense, we're going backwards and the result has been a plethora of anti-woman images invading our space and permeating our psyches. Thus, some of us are confused about our value. We need to seriously revisit the movement or our daughters and our daughter's daughters will be in danger. Somehow, the image of the powerful woman has turned into that of the shamelessly exploited one. Rather than making an uproar about the Sarah Baartmans of the world, we think that volunteering to be her has given us back our power. Somewhere, sister bell hooks is shaking her head.

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Salaam84 said...

Beautiful post, so often we we think of feminism and women's rights we think extremes. We think of women in the middle east- in so called "3rd world" were they aren't allowed to drive, go to school, be in public alone, etc. Our minds go to women not being able to vote... Its so much more than that, its about women being fed images of "beauty" and feeling as though there are no other options, its about women only being portrayed as sexual beings and "desperate" housewives. Its about media images and societal norms teaching our babies that girls wear pink and boys wear blue...

I can go on and on about this, but KUDOS for this post... Love!

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