Latest Tattoo Courtesy of Miya Bailey

Body art is an expression of individuality. Tattoos are a representation of who we are in the moment, paying permanent homage to our own beliefs, values and thoughts.

I've been tattooed five times. I have two (West African) Adinkra symbols, the Eye of Horus, a dripping star symbolizing success on my forearm and a gorgeous Dove on my chest (my latest piece).

Sometime in 2007, I set my eyes on the artwork of Miya Bailey, owner of the City of Ink, amazing fine artist and phenomenally dope tattooist. Up until I got familiar with Miya and other City of Ink artists, I wasn't completely aware of the artistry that went into creating body art. I wasn't privy to "freehand" tattooing or viewing my temple as a canvas for someone else.

After admiring Miya's work for two plus years, I was ready to be adorned with one of his originals. The Dove on the left is his work and I am absolutely in love with the piece. As many people know, the Dove is a messenger of peace. The Dove is generally accompanied by the Olive Branch, a symbol of peace. I decided to pair my Dove with the Adinkra symbol on my chest, Nyame Dua, which means "tree of God" (a symbol of God's presence and protection). The execution here is amazing and the colors are vibrant. Miya's art melted unto my temple like I was born with it.

I am so appreciative of the time, creativity, energy and care that Miya gave me on my visit. It would have been negligent to not blog about my experience at the City if Ink. Thank you bro!

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tt coles said...

Beautiful piece AND symbolism. Miya is a phenom of an artist...he's fortunate to have your voice spreading the word.

peace, my sis

NaturallyAlise said...


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