"Mahala" by Sona Smith

{Note: I attempted to start a poetry blog titled Rhyme Revival in June. The goal was to highlight global poets who used lyrics, Hip Hop, art or written words as the medium. After much thought and aggravation with not getting adequate submissions, I decided to post them on HD, where I will continue to highlight beautiful artisans. Enjoy.}

Mahala [In Loving Memory of My Mentor, Noby Myles-Townsend]

From her womb the earth is nourished
As her voice calms the cries of the world
Her heart speaks of tenderness and
Through her eyes all dreams begin
Carrying the past, nurturing the present,
and in consistent Prayer for the future…
Power holds her right hand

As gentleness grasps her left.
She is wise, with infinite wisdom
She is strength, but yet she is weak,
She is life, but has to die
Her laughter is full of tears
Her confidence sometimes insecure
Her love has no limits,

her care, no boundaries
Her strength and dignity

Can not be defined
For she is woman

She is Black

Humanity born through her
Awaken to your power


Copyright Sona Smith ©2009

About Sona Smith:

Bismillah (In the name of Allah),
I am lover of art, life, and growth.
I express myself through words and movement.
Often misunderstood, I thrive on building meaningful relationships with meaningful people.

Contact: simplysona@gmail.com

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