"Where the Wild Things Are"

Two Wild Rumpus thumbs up for the theatrical marvel, Where the Wild Things Are. The 1963 children's classic written by Maurice Sendak was one of my favorite books growing up. The dark illustrations, the fun & freedom, the big, intimidating creatures and the fearless child (inside of us all), blended together to create a tale of trouble, tantrums, imagination, friendship, family and epiphanies. I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard that the story would be coming to life in a theater near me.

I really admire what Spike Jonze did with this movie. Initially, it was difficult for me to imagine the book being transformed into a film suitable for children. I was correct.
Where the Wild Things Are may be a piece of literature for anyone 9 months to 99, but the movie itself is geared for the older generations-- those of us who recall the story being told in our younger days and who eventually learned to recite it page-by-page. Like us, the story has grown. With the same exciting characters, Jonze weaved a tale that we can relate to as adults.

As a writer, I have played around with writing a children's story. Stories like
Where the Wild Things Are school me on the importance of various elements of a good book. The lesson. The characters. The evolving plot that keeps us on the edge of our seats. I'm constantly checking out children's stories that could inspire me and time over and time again, I return to Sendak's legendary fantasy.

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The Gori Wife said...

I so nervous to see it. If it's truly fantastic, I want to see it, but if it's not, I'd rather keep the book unblemished in my mind, y;know? I keep reading reviews that make me change my mind back and forth.

Ain HD said...

You've gotta judge it for yourself. If you love the book, I'd suggest going just to experience it. The book is so classic, I don't think your opinion of it will change whether you love or loathe the film.

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