This Will Be the Last "Job" Blog...

... because I'm at my wits end in regards to being a "working woman."

In a world of jobs advanced by the "it's-who-you-know" system, I'm still hoping that we progress back to a time that talent is enough. Raw, genuine, unfiltered and non-commercially modified talent. There are so many people swinging from their dreams, praying to fall into a utopia where people are truly able to live off their gifts. It has been so discouraging existing in a world where the majority of us are putting so much of our time and energy into getting a steady paycheck as we help line the pockets of someone else. 40 hours a week that add up to nothing but stress and heartbreak because they let go of their own dreams. It's comparable to putting work into a relationship with a partner who, in the end, holds no significance. Loveless marriages between myself and my jobs have led to me sacrificing time that could have been put into my work. No more.

Disclaimer: This was indeed a rant.

Thank you.

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A said...

I feel you Ain. You can stay true to yourself and the game, but a lot of those who've made it sold their souls to the devil a long time ago. I know we'll make it. Keep praying, keep grinding.

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