Baltimore in December w/United Sisters

This past weekend, I flew out to Baltimore, MD for a snowy weekend with the Executive Director of the United Sisters Mentoring Program, Grace Kolawole Wiggins. Grace has been a dedicated client since the top of the year. I've been blessed to be called upon to write press releases for exciting events, such as the USMP HIV Call-Out and Fuel for the Arts. Unfortunately, with miles and states between us, I was unable to support these events in the physical. However, I got a chance to chop it up with Grace regarding the future of USMP during my visit. As someone who's professional life is supported by a strong web presence, the vision of USMP as an E-Mentoring program has an allure that other organizations don't. By basing the program online, the organization strives to keep in tune with the ever-evolving use of technology. Dope.

While in B-More, I had a chance to visit Mund Park, the spot where Fuel for the Arts was held (in partnership with an art collective, Steady Baltimore). During the event, Steady Baltimore crew did live graffiti. An element from the cause will always stand on Greenmount Ave. We took a few shots at the park, surrounded by the historic row homes of the city and stark white sastrugi.

As one of the faces of USMP, I enjoyed a photoshoot directed by Grace and executed by a talented artist, Stefan Ways. I'm sure we got some great shots to be used for the site and other materials that I can't disclose. I'm looking forward to seeing a few flicks and sharing soon.

My last day of Baltimore was one with a touristy agenda. With the snow cleared and a great guide in my new pal Adrian of Steady Baltimore, I headed to Fells Point. We had a nutritional lunch at a vegetarian spot, Liquid Earth and copped some nice albums at a hole-the-wall vinyl shop, Own Guru Records. The area was doted with plenty of unique and eclectic shops for every taste.

I'm so glad to have finally made it to B-More meet Grace face-to-face and build upon the foundation that we started to cement in January '09. As a freelancer, it's difficult to come across faithful clients who value your work. I'm grateful to have found that dynamic in Grace and United Sisters Mentoring Program. As Grace bounced ideas off of me over the weekend, I've come to admire the passion in this woman's work. It's going to be exciting to see the USMP mission unfold.

Muchos besos, Baltimore!

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