The Creative Misfire of 2009

One of my biggest offenses as a writer in '09 (and before), was over-researching journals and over-thinking writing projects. I created unnecessary stress by constantly considering what I should write to fit the criteria and expectations of editors. I spent more time brainstorming topics, planning execution and reading publications than I did writing. Deplorable. In spite of all the time I spent defining myself as an artist, I approached my art as a science and undervalued my spirit of creativity. Art is not science. Art is the expression of artists' observation and imagination.

From here, I'm dedicated to writing on the subjects that move me and penning pieces that
I deem relevant and worthy. I'm staying prayerful that following my heart will attract the suiters who find monetary value in my work. But writing for the purpose of selling myself has only left spaces that could have been filled with my art. No more writing for the wrong purpose.

Now, by no means am I claiming that '09 was a non-productive year. I've written a significant number of poems for my second collection, got knee-deep into the revision of my first novel, and started the second. From the standpoint of marketing and promotions, I've also made leeway by going somewhat hard. However, I've gotta go harder.

It's been a good year of growth, realizations and creative frustration. No regrets. But it's time to correct my mistakes and create room for new ones.

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NaturallyAlise said...

I definitely agree with your point of not viewing art as a science. This year has also taught me to remain true to who I am as an artist. For the sake of money I have taken gigs with themes or atmosperes that did not agree with my spirit. Doing this has stifled my creativity and taken me away from the reason I do and love my art... but you live and you learn and do better!

Ain-Kamilah said...

Hey- Where'd the name, Ain HD come from? I'm name's Ain too. (verbalroughage)

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