Microjournaling FTW

I've decided to modify the Twitter phenomena and apply it to my own journaling habits. I'm very guilty of taking my thoughts and overexposing myself on paper. Now, obviously I'm free to be as vulgar and tactless as I please when I'm writing for myself, but as I grow, looking back, there are times when I don't recognize myself. I'm starting to take a different approach to my diary writing by jotting quick summaries of my thoughts of the moment. No more analyzing myself with drawn out passages of chatter. Twitter's got it right, you can say plenty in 160 characters or less. This may not work for everyone, but I've found that the result is a string of decent to excellent writing prompts that can be used for later. I'm still writing to the core, but I'm documenting the flesh of the matter. I started yesterday. I'll share a few ;-)


9am: Wishing I woke up in a different time zone.

9:45am: I should be writing the day away in some isolated room with a fireplace and a teapot.

11:00am: By coming in contact with so many souls, I'm sure to have several monumental heartbreaks.

11:20am: I'm writing a poem at work. I love stealing by supervisor's time like she steals by skills by underpaying me.

1:05pm: I miss the sun. Whoever stole the sky's shine, should return it... stat.

(I'm sure that two poems will come of these.)

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Goddess Babbler said...

Thanks for sharing this. It came at the right time. Good luck with the poems :)

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