Writing Words from Dan Jenkins.

WordHustler posts some great interviews and features regarding writing and surviving as a literary creative. Today, I happened upon an interview with sportswriter and novelist, Dan Jenkins. I decided to share a few nuggets that I grabbed from the text that I found helpful (in one way or another).

The biggest change in book publishing, as far as I can tell, is everybody wants a blockbuster written by a guaranteed best-seller or a celebrity, even if the book isn’t worth a sh*t. Taste no longer counts.

Be well-read and learn from what you read. Study the ones you consider to be the masters.

Finally, if you want to write, WRITE. Don’t just talk about it. Get a job on a newspaper, if there are any left.

Never start a piece with a quote. Learn to establish your voice without using “I.” Give credit all your sources. Listen. Listen. Listen. And don’t try to force-feed an anecdote into a piece when it doesn’t belong just because YOU are fascinated with it. Save it for when it DOES work.

Read the entire interview here. And if you're a fellow writer, I'd suggest joining the site. It has been a decent resource when I have the motivation to visit.

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