13 Phrases #7: Rufio Jones

Here we go again. For this installment of 13 Phrases, I approached a friend, Emcee and writer, Rufio Jones of Detroit Cydi. Enjoy.

1. By day, I am a fairly ordinary guy with extraordinary powers. Namely the abilities to read betwixt the lines, listen, and care about things without being bothered by what others think.

2. I write best when I lay down to sleep but before I am successful. It's when I have no outside influences (like television or the internet) and I'm at my calmest. Words begin to pour in and don't allow me to comfortably stare at my eyelids. So I try and keep a writing utensil nearby.

3. When I find it difficult to complete a piece, I don't worry about it. I've found if I spend too much time on something, I begin to dwell. So I come back to it when I feel ready.

4. Three things that help me recover from Writer’s Block are doing something fun, watching something of the same subject matter I'm writing about, and strip clubs. They all help stimulate the brain (excuse any plausible double entendre).

5. I started writing because I loved words and how they sound together and how some words sound better together than others causing a hunt for Thesaurus.

6. I continued to write because I realized I had the ability to put those words together myself that I felt sounded so good in groups. There was no reason to rely on others to do what I was good at (if you noticed I ended my sentence with a preposition... shutup).

7. I will always write because there will ALWAYS be something to write about. There is a new subject matter every second.

8. If I weren’t a writer, I would probably be a gourmet cook in The Land of Liars and Charlatans.

9. The Authors who influence and inspire my work are Snoop Dogg and Too Short... seriously. Together they showed me how to write with a smooth flow, quickly tell an engaging story, and be funny while doing it.

10. The most important goal I have as a writer is to keep writing what entertains me. I am a fan of writing before being a writer. So if I create something that emotes what I intended in me, I know it will go over well.

11. People who read my work are most likely to snicker. I look at the world a LOT differently than most people. That translates into the things I write. So, because I attack a subject from a strange angle, people are likely to find it hilarious.

12. My most significant piece to date is the one I haven't written yet. I honestly never believe I can write something as good as what I did prior. Low and behold, I shock myself each time.

13. There’s nothing more important than not dying. The longer I stay alive, the more mistakes I can see corrected, lives can be changed, and goals attained. So I will not be biting any bullets or kicking any buckets for a nice while.

Contact Rufio Jones:

Email: hobbskha@gmail.com
Website: http://detroitcydi.com/
Buy: http://detroitcydi.bandcamp.com/

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