Open Letter to LAD of Detroit


I am writing on behalf of justice, hoping that you all provide the Law Group at Legal Aid and Defender (LAD) in Detroit a fair contract and the opportunity to maintain a union without the threat of intimidation. It’s unfortunate that these lawyers have been working tirelessly on behalf of the people in Detroit -- those who cannot afford representation -- yet they are being railroaded by LAD management.

While the management has granted themselves wage increases of more than 8.5%, they continue to deny negotiating new contracts with staff attorneys who selflessly provide legal representation to low-income clients. It’s quite disheartening that a firm dedicated to helping disadvantaged people would treat their employees so unfairly.

LAD’s mismanagement of taxpayer dollars is yet another display of Detroit city’s shame. I urge Legal Aid and Defender to recognize staff attorneys as a union, put an end to mistreatment of union members, and grant a reasonable contract and wage increase for staff attorneys.

I hope that this letter is well-received.

Thank you,

Ain Drew

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