My Issue with Drake + Rap Fans

When his first few features dropped, I was a Drake believer. Like other cliche abusers, I claimed that the kid was a 'breath of fresh air.' In spite of his corny affiliation with 'Degrassi', I applauded his ability to infiltrate the industry sans gimmick. There was pure lyrical talent there, and while hypnotized by his ease of beat-riding, I missed the fact that this kid is a mere puppet.

Yes. Puppet.

Drake is either a puppet or a rapper who lacks Hip Hop knowledge. There are plenty of them out there - self-titled Emcees who fail to be aficionados of the genre they represent. I make this judgment based on one nugget: Drake's misguided adoration of Nicki Minaj.

The clueless and the talentless are in the same camp. I get that. Music industry politics dictate who an artist should hype at any given moment. Understood. But Drake coming out of his face to say that Minaj is the baddest female to ever do Hip Hop - Slap.

Slap in the face of Jean Grae.
Slap in the face of MC Lyte.
Slap in the face of Lauryn Hill.
Slap in the face of Invincible.
Slap in the face of Da Brat.
Slap in the face of Eve.
Slap in the face of Rah Digga.
Slap in the face of Bahamadia.
Slap in the faces of Infamous Syndicate [Shawnna and Teefa].

As a woman, feminist, writer and Hip Hop lover, I find it very disheartening that both rap fans and practitioners
still fail [in 2010] to pay homage to women in the game - women who 'rock mics' with sensible lyrics in spite of the stigma of the raunchy female Emcee. As an optimist, I can only assume that the Barbie fandom will soon dissipate and we'll be blessed with a woman who comes hard, unapologetic and genuine. Until then, I'll endure this momentary exploitation of Hip Hop's Sarah "Saartjie" Baartman through clenched teeth.

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DCT said...

Did he really say that about Nicki Minaj? That statement is so ignorant and stupid, it should be illegal.

Ain HD said...

3pieceonline said...

As one of your ilk I refuse to give Minaj any due cause I just can't I saw Lauryn live and it changed my life, this can't be it.

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