Loving an Artist.

As a writer, it so happens that the energy I attract is often that of fellow artists. I've dated and shared time with many known and lesser-known creatives. There has always been a beautiful tug-of-war between us, passion, time and those productive, creative moments. Two artists coming together can produce an inspiring and invigorating connection. Loving an artist is electric.

There are times where my only desire is to focus on a piece and zone out. It takes an understanding person to allow an artist their space when it's necessary to transcend the 'now'. It's very rare that I connect with someone without a creative lifestyle who doesn't feel neglected when I'm moved to isolate myself. Loving an artist takes patience.

Artists are full of ego and doubt. Practicing a gift and honing a talent requires the confidence that you have a unique ability. However, most artists are always engaged in the quest towards untouchable perfection. One thing I've learned about myself (as I've accepted myself as a writer), is that in spite of my ego, I need support. Loving an artist requires you to be their #1 fan.

Being an artist comes with the burden of questioning whether you're fulfilling your purpose. Being an artist means that struggle may be inevitable. Being an artist means dealing with rejection and criticism. Loving an artist means dealing with all of these heartaches with grace and empathy.

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DreddedNupe said...

Hmmm...Not sure that that sounds like much fun.

Jermil said...

It does sound difficult but what part of sharing your life with someone should be easy?

Goddess Babbler said...

This post makes me cry...Reflecting, remembering, and now understanding. Artists.

Rogue said...

That entire last paragraph is so true but "Being an artist comes with the burden of questioning whether you're fulfilling your purpose"---that right there is me. But I never thought about the idea of "ACCEPTING yourself as a writer". In fact I don't see how I agree with the final paragraph so strongly without considering "ACCEPTANCE" as a prerequisite. I have lived in a messy situation then, for a while. I think I guess I have often thought the idea of oneself as a "writer" saying it without hesitation is an accolade agreed upon by some outside force outside yourself. But no one can dictate a purpose outside oneself. Indeed, "Being an artist means that struggle may be inevitable". I loved this post...true to the soul as always.

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