A Treasure Chest of Inspiration

Next to my bed lies a small box that I found at Goodwill some moons ago. It became home to little trinkets, matches, incense cones, peppermints and scraps of paper that I'd doodled ideas on. This weekend, as I'm organizing my life, I decided to free my ideas and transfer them onto my computer so I can build on the ones that are worthy. Like looking into a journal, I'm always surprised by my own brainstorming.

I've said before that bad ideas should be trashed, but I encourage artists to resist abandoning creative ideas that have potential - even if they seem to be wondering along the road to nowhere. Those little doodles, sketches and notes could lead to marvelous pieces - pieces that may take you places as you channel your creative energy.

In my box there were partial poems and the first page of a promising short story. It feels good to have a place where you can go for instant inspiration. I hope that my fellow artists have a few places of their own.

Where's yours?

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DreddedNupe said...

I don't have a place for instant inspiration, but now I will create one. Thanks.

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